Email Marketing 101: How to Start Email Marketing Campaign?

If you intend to power up your business with an email marketing tool, you are making a big difference on how things are run. But you should make sure that you will get all the features that you need for the price you are willing to pay. Here are the things that you need to consider before getting mass mail software to run your first email campaign

What’s the Point of Email Marketing?

The ultimate advantage of email marketing is its ability to make it easy for clients to connect with their own customers. Specifically, software dedicated for this purpose allows easy creation of emails, sending these emails to customers and tracking of the emails that were already sent to your customers.

Criteria for Choosing Good Email Software

It is easy to get confused when choosing the right email sender software and the one that will fit your business. Make sure that you are clear with the requirements that you want to meet for this purpose. Good software usually includes the following features.

  • It includes multiple smtp server support. It is a must. Watch our video to learn about smtp to get an idea why it is needed.


  • It has an auto-responder that follows up on prospects – It is not enough to make an initial communication with prospects. An auto responder feature allows following up on your target customers. This feature can be equated to having a sales team working for you 24 hours a day.

  • It can pick the best performing emails and send the same emails to the next set of prospects – The software must be able to see which emails are producing more responses and higher number of close deals. You are out to get customers to buy your products and services and not waste time sending messages to prospective customers who don’t give your products a glance. The software will simply stop the system from sending non-performing emails.

  • It can keep your email listing clean and up to date – In this kind of business, it is possible that you will accumulate email addresses that don’t exist anymore. Good email software can pick the ones that are obsolete or not responding and automatically take them out of the list.

  • It can extract fresh email addresses from the web. You business’s life also depends on how many contacts you can generate on a regular basis. The software should be able to produce contacts more than the number of addresses it discards. Check with the email service provider how efficient is the email extractor system of the software.

  • The software allows you to see the complete activities of a lead – When a lead opens up the email that you sent, the activity will show up in your sales team’s monitor. That also happens when the lead clicks your link or check out the prices of your services. Each single action is logged. All logs will be able to help your team qualify the desire of the lead to purchase.

Don’t be easily coaxed into buying software that has more features. Aside from the higher price, you can end up not using the other features. Buy only the features that you need. Today, there are several email programs that correspond to one or two of the requirements above. One of the most popular products is the Atomic Mass Mail Software produced by email marketing gurus. So far, Atomic Tools have been getting good reviews from users and seems to be worth a look for business improvement.

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