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Atomic Email Service

Atomic Email Service is a web-based email marketing solution. There is no software to download and no email servers to set up – we do the technical work for you. You just need to write an email in your browser and upload your mailing list – it's all it takes to send a newsletter to your customers and have it delivered to their inboxes!

Atomic Email Service makes professional personalized emails easy even for not so tech-savvy marketers.

It will take only a few minutes to create your email campaign in Atomic Email Service. Detailed statistics of email opens and click-through rates will help you keep track of results of your email marketing strategies.

We can
  • send emails quickly;
  • deliver emails to the inbox;
  • track email campaigns;
  • block unsubscribed users..
We help
  • create email campaign;
  • create custom templates;
  • schedule email campaign;
  • find out why people unsubscribe;
We provide
  • tool for easy email creation;
  • email open stats;
  • click-through stats;
  • protection of your data;
  • anti-spam compliancy.
We offer
  • customer service 7 days a week;
  • 3000 emails free of charge;
  • low prices;
  • flexible rates;
  • additional bonuses.

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Register your account and get "Free 200" tariff plan. Subscription includes 3,000 email messages per month and a mailing list of up to 200 recipients.