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Atomic Email Studio

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Now you can buy Studio for $209.30 and save $100!

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing solution.

If you are still deciding which e-mail marketing programs would meet your needs or how to choose the best ones then consider Atomic Email Studio. You can save more than 60% (one time fee) buying the best 9 e-mail marketing programs in a bundle:

Atomic Email Hunter for collecting contacts from websites
Atomic Mail Sender for sending emails
Atomic List Manager for editing mailing lists
Atomic Subscription Manager for handling subscriptions automatically
Atomic Mail Verifier for verifying e-mail addresses
Atomic Email Logger for gathering contacts from local files
Atomic Newsgroup Explorer for extracting contacts from newsgroups
Atomic WHOIS Explorer for collecting contacts from WHOIS database
Atomic Web Spider for collecting contacts from visited websites

You can still buy separately any of products above.

This suite allows to control all of your email campaigns:

Historically we have had many programs to cover e-mail marketing needs of our customers who had to download, install and activate many different programs. Now with Atomic Email Studio you download only one file. Install one application and get everything you need to promote your business online.

Simply get better value. Atomic Email Studio provides access to 9 email marketing programs saving your budget.

Reason to get Studio:

  • Easy projects and mailing lists management. You will see everything that you may need for your new e-mail campaign in one screen.
  • User friendly. You may drag-and-drop, add and delete lists and projects, import mailing lists from Excel, copy and paste emails.
  • Easy to migrate to from any of our applications. Download Email Studio and re-arrange the icons in Start Menu and Desktop, if you would like to have one point of entry to all email marketing tools. This action can be undone when you uninstall Studio.