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What customers are saying about Atomic Email Sender

I had tried about 10 different mailing programs. They all fell short in one way or another. I then tried a free trial of Atomic Mail. It does everything I want or needed. It is also the easiest to operate. Being a novice, I had some problems at first. My ignorance. I was able to get help at once. I have to recommend this company over all the others. I am able to send to my whole list of 21,000 plus in about one and half hours. This problem is especially great if one wants to use html. Larry in new Orleans

Larry in New Orleans |Neworleansbest

I just upgraded to the latest 8.56 version. As I watch, I'm sending 20,000 e-mails using my website hosting service servers. Sender kept running even during a scheduled disc defrag and later a scheduled registry diagnostic and repair (not related to Sender.) The application is incredibly stable and hiccup free. I'm very pleased.

Ralph Greene |

i am very glad that atompark has an employee like Dmitri..i was having trouble signing into atompark mailer and came to find out that my registration has expired. he was very helpful in helping me straighten out my mes i made..( it wasn't atomparks fault ) after sharing my screen with me he took care of my problem. not to many costumer services go the extra mile like he did. im ready to start sending out emails...whoo hoo. thank you atompark and Dmitry. william aka eazyrider

william/eazyrider | Bid66 inc

A down to earth "no frills" package that's economical and gets the job done. Simple to use and effective. For a simple e-mailing program solution I would not hesitate to recommend it.

David Briggs | Precise Time and Frequency, Inc.

We wanted a faster, easier method of sending promotional emails from multiple lists. Our email software and database could do the job but that meant a lot of labour and it also blocked out us being able to receive emails whilst it was processing. With just a few clicks Atomic Mail Sender can schedule and send out thousands of emails to any numbers of lists in a fraction of the time without blocking our important line of communication. The associated products are just as helpful and easy to use.

Adam Richards |

I couldn't believe how simple the software is to use. I'm not tech savvy, but i was able to install and set up the software in about 30 minutes. The Mail Sender has so many features that keep me organized and saves time. I like that i'm able to personalize my mailing list with one click. Also, customer service is great. Any time i have a question or problem, i'm able to get an answer usually within 3-4 minutes. Great job Atomic!

Daniel Wiggins | First Time Home Buyers Co

I hace used this software for a few days now (the trial version) and I'm really satisfied! I used another email marketing software and it was really complicated and also got emails rejected because any other reason. I will upgrade to the full version since this is what I need for my small business to work.

Ericka Mendez | Mercadeo Inteligente

After spending some six months building an email database and 'struggling' with a competitive product to mail out to users, we found Atomic Mail Sender. Your product has saved us countless hours and headaches. I would more than happily endorse it. Well done.

Peter Van Vliet| FDRS

We needed a solution to move design & sending of email news letters out of the IT department to our users base, Atomic Mail Sender does this perfectly the easy to use design tools gave less experienced users the ability to complete the task by themselves with a relatively small amount of training.

Ian Paskin, IT Systems & Communications Manager | Solus

After browsing the internet for many email marketing solutions, I came across many products, however when I found AMS and tried the trail version, I understood that AMS, offered me more than just an excellent mail sending program, the customer service I have received is exceptional and professional, therefore I decided to purchase this product and use the full features that it offered. I cannot emphasize more on the power of this program from, speed, user friendliness and professionalism.

Sharif Moriano |SEO Arabic