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Main Features

Atomic Email Service Main Features

Unlimited number of mailing lists — you are able to download mailing lists, that are in *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv formats. All the data processing is in a background, so it is possible to upload several lists simultaneously. The Address Book is blocked while downloading.

"From" Addresses activation — you can easily entry and activate several "from" email addresses without limitation in quantity. It helps you not to register millions of accounts – one for every your "from" email address. But to work in a singular account with all emails you've got.

Personalization  — additional fields in the list of email recipients may help you to personalize messages you send to each client. Use special variables for correct personalization.

HTML and Plain text format support — Atomic Email Service allows you to use both text and HTML messages. Full message editing is possible only in HTML mode. You can make your own text part but it's better to extract from the HTML part the alternative one.

Unsubscribe links — create your own unsubscribe links for inserting in each email campaign message automatically.

Unsubscribe pages — customize a unique design of an unsubscribe page where the form for unsubscribing is placed.

Labels for email addresses — simplify the process of mailing list segmentation by creating unique labels for uploaded email addressess.

Free templates  — we propose you to use free ready-made templates to create and design a professional email messages for your campaigns.

Personal templates  —  you can create and save your personal unique templates by a single click on "Copy template" button.

Scheduler  — schedule the delivery for the date and time you need. Just specify the mailing date and Atomic Email Service will send your campaign automatically. It requires no additional actions.

Statistics — Atomic Email Service has all the necessary options for getting detailed delivery reports.  After the delivery is done the statistics starts to collect . The reports are displayed in 3 diagram types:

  • Campaign statistics
  • Delivery statistics (sent, delivered, click-through emails)
  • Error statistics

Besides, all the available data is collected in Atomic Email Tracker and can be reviewed if you've already had service account.

Atomic Email Service also supports Google Analytics if you have got its account.

Free email messages — Atomic Email Service has "Free 200" plan that includes 3000 free email messages and 200 recipients in the mailing list. It is a perfect opportunity to test our service and find out the email campaign effectiveness.

Block email addresses  — if somebody unsubscribes from your campaign for some reasons then his/her email address will be blocked automatically, but not removed from your mailing lists.

Data export — the service allows to save email campaign results (email addresses and statistics) into *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv files.