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Atomic Lead Extractor

Atomic Lead Extractor will help you create a quality database of cold leads that you can turn into hot by sending them emails, making phone calls or sending instant messages.

  • Not just emails but also phone numbers, Skype and ICQ
    Atomic Lead Extractor can gather more types of contact information allowing you to collect more leads from more sources.
  • Refined search within a website
    Enter the address of a website where your potential clients communicate and Atomic Lead Extractor will extract all contact information for future emailing, messaging or phone calls. This is a preferred search method for creating a targeted contact list.
  • Search using keywords
    Enter the keyword related to your niche and the software will use your preferred search engine(s) to find sites that show up for that keyword. Then it will visit each of the websites and scan them for any contact information. You can refine the depth of the scan in the settings: it can spider only the home page, pages that are linked from home page (usually “contact us” page is one click away from the home page) or go to pages that are linked from those pages.
  • Proxies support
    Search engines and some sites limit the number of simultaneous queries from one computer and while you should be ok with default settings you can use the program with proxies. If you do not want your home IP is the server logs this is another reason to use proxies.
  • Fast operation
    Atomic Lead Extractor works in multi-threaded mode so the data is extracted very quickly.
  • Export functions
    The program exports the gathered contact information into the following programs:
    • Writer (OpenOffice.org)
    • Calc (OpenOffice.org)
    • Word (Microsoft Office)
    • Excel (Microsoft Office)
    • Atomic List Manager
    • Atomic Email Verifier
    • Atomic Mail Sender
    It also saves date to text files or clipboard.