Atomic Email Studio All Features

Email Marketing Features

Atomic Email Studio is a unique solution consisting of a range of email marketing products. The modules are perfect for accomplishing every marketing task you can have, like sending mass emails, managing mailing lists, subscribing and unsubscribing from a newsletter and also search for new subscribers.

Newsletter Mailing Features

  • Personalized mass mailing
  • Support for both plain text and HTML messages
  • Attach any number of files
  • Support for rotation of message parameters (like changing values in the "from" or "subject" field)
  • Autoreplies to incoming messages
  • Mailing list import from a variety of formats

Mailing List Management Features

  • Edit list of any size
  • Personalization. Every contact can have an unlimited number of fields with personal data.
  • Signup and unsubscribe processes are fully automated
  • Checking validity of emails. Automatic removal of contacts with invalid e-mail addresses
  • List management actions include merging, subtraction, intersection, splitting and removal of duplicates.

Search New Contacts Fueatures

  • Search for email addresses using popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and local versions (,, etc)
  • Extract emails from a particular website
  • Quickly extract data from local files, including archives and password-protected files
  • Quickly extract contacts from address books in Outlook, Outlook Express and others
  • Search for emails in newsgroups (NNTP-servers)
  • Search for emails of website owners (in WHOIS databases)
  • Extract emails in background mode from all pages that you open in web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera)

Integration with Internet Services

  • Load newsfeeds from popular websites and blogs
  • Easy access to additional services from Atomic