Atomic Email Hunter Upgrades History


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[+] New feature
[*] Bug-fix or change
[-] Deleted feature
version 7.00 (October 26, 2011)
[+] Export contacts to Open Office
[+] Email search can be paused now
[+] New search statistics reports
[+] Updated list of supported search engines
[*] Improved Facebook email extracting
[*] "List index out of bounds bug" rising during working with contacts' list has been fixed-fixed
[*] "List index out of bounds bug" rising during importing into Atomic Email Studio has been fixed-fixed
[*] Parser has been improved
[*] Some minor UI bugs have been fixed

version 4.70 (May 24, 2010)
[*] few minor errors have been fixed

version 4.60 (August 24, 2009)
[*] few minor errors have been fixed

version 4.55 (June 16, 2009)
[*] When searching in list, the previous search query in Hunter Bar is not erased anymore
[*] "Append to file" could erase the file contents in some cases. Now it's fixed
[*] Number of e-mail addresses in Log Window is now synchronized with main window
[*] "Access violation" when double-clicking on blank window has been fixed

version 4.50 (March 23, 2009)
[*] Behavior of some windows is changed (made better)
[*] "Send mail" command now works again
[*] Some errors in starting and aborting e-mail search have been fixed
[*] Error with blank list in "Search in list" has been fixed

version 4.44 (October 16, 2008)
[+] Trial version can save some random results to Word/Excel/file/Clipboard
[+] Software renewal assistant (one-year free upgrading period expiration reminder)
[*] Some errors with integration with Internet Explorer have been fixed (extracting from about:blank)
[*] Small error with displaying number of extracted addresses has been fixed
[*] Small error with loading saved mailing list has been fixed

version 4.30 (July 21, 2008)
[+] New search engines were added: Mexica, Argentina
[+] New option not to show Log Window automatically
[*] Bugs with unicode support were fixed
[*] Program hanging up problem was fixed
[*] Message "Sending search query..." window does not stay open after search is completed

version 4.20 (March 17, 2008)
[+] Greek language was added to the User Interface
[+] A couple of new Ukrainian search engines was added
[*] Some small bugs were fixed

version 4.11 (December 12, 2007)
[+] Portuguese was added to the User Interface

version 4.10 (November 20, 2007)
[+] Auto-save feature
[+] New option to add Owner names to e-mail addresses
[+] New option to delete e-mail addresses by keyword
[+] French language to the User Interface
[*] Bug with keyword search in list was fixed
[*] Very strong bug with URL list processig was fixed ("Search in list")

version 4.00 (August 27, 2007)
[+] Stop and resume jobs
[+] Faster contacts extraction due to faster URLs loading
[+] Autoconvert of %XX chars into ANSI chars, so more addresses are extracted now
[+] Autoconvert of &#XXXX; chars into ANSI chars, so more addresses are extracted now
[+] Autoskip of tags, so more addresses are extracted now
[*] Many change in User Interface for Vista support
[+] Automatical updates checking
[+] New fast way of getting new versions of Atomic Email Hunter
[+] Search query is now explained in Help system
[+] Multi-language version: now added German, Spanish and Russian
[+] At the installation, program determines the language to poll proper search engines
[+] Integration with Internet Explorer
[+] At the firts run it take optimal window position on desktop
[+] HTTPS support. Secure sites can be processed as well
[+] Panel at the right part of the window to help use EMH more effectively
[+] Now it shows number of extracted e-mail addresses in minimized state
[*] Help System is automatically closed on program exit
[+] Offers to send mail or verify extracted addresses on exit
[+] Now it shows how many pages are queued for processing
[+] Copy and Clear Log options in Log Window
[*] Better parsing of user input
[+] Drop-down menu for "New" button on toolbar - easy access to search options
[+] Keep a preferred location to save mailing lists
[+] Detect a preferred location for saving lists in Atomic Mail Sender
[+] Detailed information about HTTP errors
[*] Advanced Panel now saves recently used search queries and options
[+] Wizard by default loads the search criteria from Advanced Search Panel
[+] Atomic Email Hunter can read IE Favorites
[+] Atomic Email Hunter can read IE History
[+] Search in list option added
[+] Small "Stop" button added near with small "Start" button
[+] "Copy to Clipboard" window now shows how e-mail addresses will be copied
[+] "Save to file" window now shows how e-mail addresses will be saved
[*] More interactive controls in all windows
[*] Many changes in Help System
[+] "Search in site" window now saves last search
[*] Usenet plugin - some bugs with seach are fixed now
[+] Links generator is now included into the installation package

version 3.50
[*] A bug with multiple messages "Invalid URL" has been fixed
[*] Software activation now will work much better

version 3.45
[+] Saving addresses demo in trial vesion
[*] Some errors are fixed in the logging

version 3.40
[+] Integration with the Member Area
[*] Small changes in the Search results output

version 3.33
[*] IO Error 32 durign the search sgould be fixed now

version 3.20
[*] Case problem in pasting data from Windows Clipboard
[+] "Email must have the same domain" option
[+] "Max length of the link" limitation added
[+] "Never crawl more the XXX pages on the site" option
[+] "Never extract more then XXX e-mail from site" option
[+] "Priority links spidering" option
[+] New email filtering/limitation options
[+] "Use Advanced settings" option in List Search option
[+] Load link list in file option (in File/Search in list)
[+] Smart trial version reminder
[*] Main window - popup menu showing bug fix

versino 3.10 (September-2005)
[*] Error in dupes removal fixed
[*] Small error in saving results to file/clipboard fixed

version 3.01 (June-2005)
[*] Help updated
[*] Manifest-styles file is restored
[*] HTTP logs are modified (error in richedit.dll)

version 3.00 (May-2005)
[+] Site search option
[+] Multi-search. Now EMH can process multi searches (like multi urls)
[+] E-mail addresses sorting option has been added
[+] E-mail search samples in main window were added
[*] Better e-mail addresses loading (from the file)
[+] New help topics and changes
[*] More intellectual controls enabling and disabling
[*] Strong error in proxy settings saving has been fixed
[+] Number of new email addresses in LOG WINDOW
[+] Log windows coloring
[+] Displaying Search Engine name in status bar
[+] GO button (now it is available to start search with mouse)
[*] Strong error in address editing has been fixed
[*] Advanced panel modification
[*] Logs window show/hide button state - error fixed
[*] Proxy settings fields are not disappeared in Settings window
[*] .txt-files by default shown in Open Dialog window
[+] Playing sound after search finished

version 2.40 (April-2005)
[*] Some fixes in search engine scriptsf8����K���1#�� /�S�x�4�w����;��B�U�{&g;<;�|f��3M�;�����s;#��8�=�3;<����]T=�U'Y�f�g�\U�`_O ��ODpb�}��Vh�j�^#�1����

version 2.30 (October-2004)
[+] Command line support
[+] New items in Help menu
[+] MSN search engine has been added
[+] DMOZ search engine has been added
[+] Yahoo search engine has been added
[*] Strong error with redirects has been fixed
[*] Better Clipboard tracking
[*] Trial version shows the options for results saving
[+] Instant activation. You do not loose any emails when register EMH
[+] Time of extraction calculating
[+] Extraction speed calculating

version 2.21 (6-July-2004)
[*] Small error in "Search in list" has been fixed

version 2.20 (1-April-2004)
[*] Strong bug with login/password authentication has been fixed
[*] More useful Advanced Seach Panel
[+] Clipboard tracking in New Search Wizard
[*] Some Search Wizard impovements
[+] Hiding charsacters in the password fields
[*] Green Excel icon in Toolbar and menu

version 2.14 (4-February-2004)
[*] Some internal changes

version 2.13 (5-January-2004)
[+] "Save domains list" command
[*] Strong bug with characters case has been fixed
[*] Some bugs with Windows XP have been fixed
[*] E-mail list displaying impovements
[+] Help button in Advanced Panel
[+] Clipboard tracking at the program start
[+] Autocompleting of the Hunt Bar
[+] Link Generator for File/Search In List (on demand)
[*] Small interface changes
[*] New styles of Open/Save dialogs

version 2.12 (24-November-2003)
[+] New option to save all data in "Save to file"
[+] New option to load all data in "Load from file"

version 2.11 (20-October-2003)
[*] Strong bug in site-tree processing has been fixed
[+] Search Engine scripts management
[+] Search Engine selection from main menu (Tools/Search Engines)
[*] Small bug with default settings has been fixed
[*] Another small bug with url parsing has been fixed
[+] Integration with Atomic TLD Filter
[*] Redirects problem has been fixed
[*] Some fun invisible enhancements

version 2.10 (08-September-2003)
[+] Large lists of e-mail addresses are loaded three times faster
[*] Export to AMS/AMV - two bugs has been fixed
[*] "Open location" pop-up menu - small bug has been fixed
[*] DEL key now correctly interpreted during e-mail address editing
[*] Error "no sites found by your request" has been fixed
[*] More deep search by keywords
[+] Manual e-mail address adding with INS key
[*] No more exceeding "Data not saved" messages

version 2.03 (19-June-2003)
[+] Integration with Atomic Mail Sender
[+] Integration with Atomic Mail Verifier
[*] Small bug with Help on toolbar has been fixed
[+] Search engine tricks - hidden option to use other
search engines for e-mail address gathering
[*] Some improvements with JavaScript links processing

version 2.02 (1-June-2003)
[*] Strong bug was fixed with long urls queues
[*] Hunt bar is now inactive during the search
[*] Unwanted freezes and closes during the search now are fixed
[*] Strong bug in Search queues was fixed

version 2.01 (21-April-2003)
[*] A small bug in "?xxx" processing was fixed
[*] A same bug in "+" processing was fixed
[+] Load e-mail list from saved file to merge
[*] A small bug with e-mail address range is now fixed
[*] Some OLE problems are gone
[*] Some addresses with TLD+spaces+chars are not lost now
[*] More TLD zones are in a white-list
[*] Better extraction of addresses with spaces inside

version 2.00 (10-March-2003)
[*] A new Graphic interface
[*] A new HTTP processing engine
[*] New "hunting" options
[+] Detecting a default proxy server
[+] New search wizard
[+] Searching in a list of URLs
[*] Better search by keywords
[+] E-mail filtering options
[+] Pulldown context-sensitive menu with commonly used menu items
[*] Detailed log window
[+] New options to export to MS Word/Excel
[*] New method to save to file and copy to Clipboard

version 1.51 (20-November-2002)
[*] Improvements in e-mail address recognition

version 1.50 (25-September-2002)
[*] Changes in Help system
[+] New topics in Help System
[*] Saving of options on exit - small bug is fixed
[*] Small interface improvements
[*] Bug fix in Email Search algorithm

version 1.41 (14-Sep-2002)
[+] Loading existing e-mail list to the results

version 1.40 (16-Jun-2002)
[*] New look of main window with a possibility to show/hide
advanced options
[+] Easy and fine toolbar in Results window
[+] New feature to add and edit e-mail addresses in a list
[+] Autocomple of URL to "http://"
[+] New feature to search emails by keywords
[+] New limitation option - scan entire web site with subdomains
[+] New menu item - Internet settings
[*] Improvements in e-mail extraction technology
[+] Feature to change the priority of extraction threads
[+] Frames support
[*] Some access vialoation are fixed (now application is more stable)
[+] Normal Help System (in HTML Help format)

version 1.31: (14-Apr-2002)
[*] Small bugs are fixed
[*] Some text labels fixed in a program windows
[+] Advanced crash reports

version 1.30: (1-Jan-2002)
[*] More stable release, a lot of changes inside
[*] "STOP" button now stops search immediately
[*] Bug-fix in E-mails search (html-page parsing)
[*] Bug-fix in start program after crash (was Access Vialoation)
[+] Auto log (send us this log when program crashes: "c:\emhunter.log")
[+] Advanced crash reporting (errors numbering, just report us this
number to resolve a problem.
[+] Pull-down menu - more easy interface without "blue links"
[*] New font in windows
[*] Little interface corrections (shade disabled controls)

version 1.20:
[+] PROXY SUPPORT!!! - Be secured!
[+] Save and restore windows positions
[*] Little interface changes
[+] Save and restore last window controls state
[*] Auto show e-mails scan results and log window
[*] More stable working

version 1.11:
[*] New Web Site:
[*] New program owner - AtomPark Software

version 1.1:
[+] Installer/Uninstaller added
[*] Executable file size decrease

version 1.02:
[+] Autosave results every 60 second.

version 1.01:
[*] Some bugs fixed with some URL exploring

version 1.00:
[+] Original version

Copyright (c) AtomPark Software 2001-2011. All rights reserved