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Top Web Hosting Tools – Hundreds of Software and Tools for Your Needs

webhostingsearch - recommended web tool awardHey Guys,

Hope you’re doing great! Today I would like to provide you with an extra useful piece of info – we all know how different tools and software are important, but sometimes it’s so hard to find the right one. Recently StaffCop and MassMailSoftware have been included into a great listing of Top Tools where you can find hundreds of software and tools grouped by niches and topics. Hope you will find it useful – hundreds of tools and software in one place. Please check this listings out, I bet you will like it – please click the Award icon on the right to check the list of tools and software. And here is the main website –

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How to Design Emails for Mobile Email Campaign – Distinctions Between Mobile and PC Recipients

mobile-phone-icon-vectorHey guys! Hope you’re doing great. I would like to share few techniques on how to design emails for mobile email campaign. Year is moving to its end, and Christmas time is one of the best times for email campaigns – special offers, discount and greetings delivered by email. All this can generate a lot of sales, and mobile email campaign is not the exception. I’ve written about email design a lot, but this time I would like to provide you with extra techniques that show the distinction between email design and mobile email design for your email campaigns. Let’s start!

Large Fonts. Mobile devices requires larger fonts to make reading comfortable. As an example – iPhone’s operating system adjusts all the fonts to it’s minimum, which is 13 points. I suggest using even larger font of 14 points is the best.

Simple Things. Keep the things simple – do not over load your design with navigation, additional widgets or images. Make it as simple as you can – message, call-2-action, button/link. Recipient won’t spend minutes on reading your message and going all your links and buttons through, so you need to provide him with the most important info and 1 link only.

Click to continue reading “How to Design Emails for Mobile Email Campaign – Distinctions Between Mobile and PC Recipients”

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4 Ways to be Your Subscriber’s Best Friend

Smile-smiley-face-smile-signFriends are one the most precious things in our life. We just can’t imagine ourselves without our friends.  So are email marketers – they can’t imagine themselves without their subscribers, and it’s extremely important to treat your subscribers as they would be your friends, as this is a gold of Email Marketing kingdom.

I would like to provide you with 4 ways on how to make and save friendship with your email subscribers. Let’s start!

1. Personalization. You should always know the name of your subscriber, and it’s even better to know his occupation or any additional info you can get, as it looks nice when you call someone by name and have the information he’s really interested in. This also helps in creating separate email lists that are interest-targeted, even if the niche is one, interests may vary!

2. Be consistent. Some of our friends send us tons of messages, some are silent for months. Be different – stay in touch with your email susbscribers consistently – do not over load them with your messages and information and don’t disappear for weeks :)

3. Be laconic. Include only the most important information in your emails – there is no need to write ten pages and then in the end of the message include one call-2-action link. Try to include all your message in 500 letters.

4. Know your friend. You should know when to contact each of your subscribers – i.e. Friday evening is the worst time to contact corporate partners or B2B customers, and the middle of the week is the best.

Just imagine you are a subscriber and determine what is the best method to stay in touch with a subscriber like you. Do this for all your subscriber groups and email lists.

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TOP 15 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012

15Hey guys,

Hope you’re doing great!  As we all know internet marketing and world wide web are developing so fast these days and we can never know what kind of techniques will drive conversions next year or which niche will be the most profitable next year. Today I want to provide you with TOP 15 internet marketing predictions for 2012  I found over the web and compiled them here.

Please see the list and share your thoughts!

1. Marketing automation 2.0 will arrive, ushering in mature software and increasing enterprise adoption
2. Customers and employees will become an extended part of companies’ marketing teams
3. Social Personalization will be on the rise
4. “Likes” will intersect with multimedia
5. Location-based marketing will grow, and certain customer use cases will shift predominantly to mobile
6. The discount economy will grow even larger
7. Social media ads will become a significant part of the advertising mix
8. Social networks will become a more significant source of organic search traffic and a greater influencer of SERPs
9.  Google antitrust will continue to be a thorny issue (Google+?)
10. Focus on social media ROI will be top of mind
11. Virtual teams will become more common
12. Facebook will advance social commerce and give Amazon a run for its money
13. Less-Spam SEO techniques among individuals
14. Deeper Email and Social media marketing integration, bulk social media mailings
15. Rise of mobile SEO
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Digital Marketing Spending Trends for 2012

Hey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! I want to share with you nice digital marketing related infographics I found. This is all about digital marketing budget and spending for 2012. Let’s see how the market is about to change in 2012. Click the image to enlarge.


Thanks to the for the infographics, full article is available here – Digital Marketing Budget for 2012

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Extract Emails of all Your Facebook Friends in 10 Seconds

Facebook YahooHi guys,

Hope you’re doing great! I would like to provide with an old, but still a good trick on how to legally extract emails of all your friends on Facebook. It takes less than a minute. Step-by-step instruction:

1. Go to

2. Click on the Facebook Icon and allow Yahoo to import all the contacts from Facebook. Or got to Tools -> Import -> Facebook.

3. Now you have all the real emails of all your Facebook-friends (not emails, but real ones!)

4. You can now easily export all the emails to .CSV file by pressing Tools -> Export -> .CSV

This is how you can 100% legally extract all the emails for your bulk marketing needs :)

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Future of Email Marketing – What do Teens think about Email?

Data and infographic by AWeber Email Marketing

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