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Atomic Newsgroup Extractor

Newsgroup Extractor extracts emails from messages on NNTP servers. It's indispensable if your target audience socializes in one or a few of such conferences. Main features of Atomic Newsgroup Extractor:

  • Niche specialization of groups
    Newsgroups are communities of people who are interested in some topic. All conferences on a NNTP servers are well structured. Every group has a unique name. The name of the group gives a clear idea about the subject they discuss.
  • Specific targeted offers
    As a rule, in groups you can find niche specialists so the mailing lists will be very targeted and response can be higher than you expect.
  • Application speed
    The program works in a multithreaded mode, it lets you use the advantages of a broadband connection and reduce the time needed to extract the emails.
  • Support for all types of NNTP servers
    Atomic Newsgroup Extractor can work on private password-protected servers. You can set the authorization data for accessing a particular NNTP server.
  • Integration and export
    The extraction results can be exported to other Atomic applications, Word, Excel or clipboard.